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  • Posted on: 23 September 2019
  • By: despina

Europe is a leading generator of knowledge and ideas, nevertheless many of these do not make it to the market. OI2Lab is designed to foster the adoption of Open Innovation processes within SMEs in Europe, by bringing all the relevant actors together in one platform, a single European Open Innovation Marketplace. 

OI2lab targets SMES and startups by offering them the opportunity to access suitable partners, opportunities and tools to innovate and grow their business. The OI2Lab hosts also Innovation Advisors and other Open Innovation platforms, that can be engaged by the matchmaking algorithms to the SMEs and Startups that are interested in their offerings. Researchers and Academics are also welcomed on the OI2Lab, so they can promote their research results and offer their solutions to the market and expand their research network. 

For each of the above target groups, the OI2Lab offers the option to enroll to the platform with their role. Each user that registers to OI2Lab, can create their profile. 

Based on their profile OI2Lab matches its resources to the user’s profile. For example, if a user is interested in “Big data”, the user will see automatically the opportunities, open calls, collaborations and anything related to big data and their profile.  

SMEs and Startups can find Opportunities to collaborate with other SMEs, Innovation Advisors or even development agencies, through open calls, competitions or collaboration calls from all over Europe. 

More specifically, the users can choose to participate to the open calls that the OI2Lab is running for SMEs that want to take their products, services or processes to the next level and better meet the requirements of their customers with the help of a partner from abroad. They can also find other open calls to collaborate with other companies in order to submit their technology proposals and result in a new collaboration scheme. Open Innovation competitions are also hosted in the platform, for SMEs that are looking for professional support in order to grow their business. OI2Lab offers also a dynamic approach where users can promote their collaboration calls, so SMEs or Researchers that are looking for others to collaborate on an innovative concept or project can create their own collaboration call. 

A set of financial opportunities is also available for those who are Interested in financial opportunities across Europe to support your research or entrepreneurial efforts. 

Open Innovation cannot be achieved without the support of a set of collaboration tools and learning activities. Therefore, OI2lab provides a workspace in which users can collaborate and grow their ideas. They can discuss with the Advisors that can guide them during the competitions and the open calls or even bridge them to other SMEs or Researchers and this is supported through the functionalities of the Chat, forum or the common workspace. Complementary, users can access the e-learning toolbox where they can access more learning courses that have been developed to support SMEs to embrace Open Innovation. 

OI2lab offers a gamified environment aiming to create a fun experience for the users who are seeking to explore their collaboration opportunities and adopt Open Innovation.

Short CV of the Author

Mrs. Despina Anastasopoulos

Research & Innovation Manager, INTRASOFT International

Despina Anastasopoulos’ professional experience is on implementing and managing innovative ICT projects. Her employment record involves R&D consulting in academic and public organizations, within the context of European funded projects. Mrs. Anastasopoulos joined INTRASOFT International as a Research and Innovation Manager with areas of expertise and focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, ICT tools to enhance innovation and competitiveness of SMEs. She has also been part of the Innovation Competition of INTRASOFT team. Her experience as a researcher on innovative policies for sustainable development such as smart specialization, pre-commercial procurement, clusters and open innovation contributes in the successful management and implementation of EU projects. Mrs. Anastasopoulos holds a Communication Informatics and Management Bachelor’s degree from the Technological Institute of Epirus, Greece. She also holds an MBA degree from Athens University of Economics and Business.


What OI2Lab is all about and what it offers - digital services and tools | INVITE


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