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INVITE Interviews and Call for Interest | INVITE

INVITE Interviews and Call for Interest

Get involved! Your Open Innovation expertise and opinion needed!


The INVITE project is looking for stakeholders in the Open Innovation to express their interest in participating in an interview survey carried out to shape INVITE’s Open Innovation Lab 2.0 (OI2 Lab) to users needs.  Help us co-design the best Open Innovation Ecosystem with OI components, tools and services that will correspond to the user needs! 

The timeframe for the interviews is November 2017.

Summary of the call

Background: INVITE is set on co-creating a well-connected European Open Innovation (OI) ecosystem, in which knowledge meaningfully flows across borders and is translated into marketable innovations, bringing increased socio-economic benefits to EU citizens. To this end, INVITE will co-design, pilot and demonstrate a pan-European service platform, the Open Innovation Lab, aiming to: 

  • better link the currently fragmented innovation systems of the EU by facilitating meaningful cross-border knowledge flows; 
  • empower EU businesses with the skill-sets required to tap into Europe’s knowledge-base and turn it into value; and 
  • increase the participation of private investors in OI and collaborative innovation projects. 

To this end, the Open Innovation Lab will experiment with novel bottom-up collaborative models of innovation and leverage OI support services and ICT tools to stimulate and support OI across Europe, building a vibrant community of OI actors and stakeholders (including academia, government, industry and civil society) along the way. The valuable knowledge, evidence and experiences gained through the experiments of the Open Innovation Lab will be diffused across the EU so as to fuel their replication and scale-up for the benefit of the European economy and society as a whole.

Aim: This call for interest aims gather interest from a list of stakeholders interested in participating in an interview survey with representatives of the INVITE consortium.

By participating in this survey, you will be contributing towards a demand-driven development of the Open Innovation Lab2.0 (OI2 Lab) according to your needs and requirements. On top of that, you may get the chance to participate in future project activities, should you wish to, getting early and free access to the value propositions of the OI2 Lab (such as Open Innovation support services, e-learning courses, ICT tools, etc.).

Together we can make the OI better!

Process: Participation is on voluntary basis with your consent. They will be recorded for reviewing purposes and only anonymous transcripts will be used for the project purposes. 

Express your interest by contacting us by email (  by 20 November 2017 latest.

Should you be interested by upcoming activities and news about INVITE, please follow us on our social media channels or subscribe to our newsletter.



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INVITE Interviews and Call for Interest | INVITE


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