Innovation and Internationalization funding opportunities for European SMEs

Join us to discover funding and networking opportunities for European SMEs looking to innovate and promote their business internationally.

On Friday, 13th March 2020, 11:00 CET OI2Lab – the European Open Innovation Platform of INVITE project – will host five highly innovative European Projects offering services and financial supports to European SMEs. If you are a dynamic SMEs or start-up located in Europe, make sure to not miss this webinar as it will present incredible opportunities for you. In just one hour, in fact, we will present more than 14 Million € worth of financial support offered by the projects INVITE , SmartX , INNOWWIDE , Ket4Clean Production  and PARSEC Accelerator

Each of these projects targets specific areas of interests and has its specific goals, so make sure to join the webinar to find out more about them and to understand how to boost your innovation and internationalisation with the support of European-funded projects.

The participation to the webinar is free of charge. To join the webinar simply register on OI2Lab and click on the webinar section. 

 Meet the projects

  • SmartX (Judith Bosch - ETP), cascade-funding in Smart Textiles area

SmartX aims at boosting smart textiles innovation to develop an end-to-end smart textiles manufacturing value chain in Europe and help drive promising prototypes faster to market.

Building a strong sustainable community will be the underlying long term objective of the Programme, to foster interaction and collaboration within the European smart textile industry. A series of focused workshops will take place throughout the EU and allow professionals to gain and share advanced knowledge and state-of-the-art technological solutions. During the 3-year programme 3 calls for funding will help support up to 40 individual projects with a total budget of €2.4 million. 

  • INNOWWIDE (Xia Wei La - Steinbeis), funding for SMEs internationalization processes 

INNOWWIDE project aims at funding at least 120 European innovative SMEs and start-ups to conduct Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) in markets outside of Europe. Two calls will be implemented with a total budget of 7,2M€, allowing to fund 120 VAPs (60k€/VAP), and targeting markets of developing countries, large emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico) and developed countries with the same allocation for each of these three country categories.

  • Ket4Clean Production (Alejandra Campos - Steinbeis), helping SMEs to solve clean production challenges 

The EU-funded project KET4CleanProduction (KET4CP) sets its strategic objectives on helping SMEs to solve their clean production challenges and - as a result - to stay sustainable, innovative and competitive. By encouraging the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and related key enabling technologies (KETs) their production processes suppose to upgrade towards a more energy- and material- efficient state. It offers to European SMEs access to technology experts and micro-grant of 50.000€

  • PARSEC Accelerator (Carla Marquez - bwcon)

PARSEC is a business accelerator supporting the creation of new Earth Observation (EO) based products and services. The accelerator targets SMEs, start-ups, entrepreneurs and researchers who want to have an impact on the emerging Food, Energy and Environment sectors. With the support of PARSEC, their ideas will be developed into solutions fuelled by the benefits of EO. The holistic two-stage acceleration programme will distribute a total of €2.5 Million equity-free funding to 100 beneficiaries, alongside other key resources (coaching, matchmaking, promotion) needed to develop and launch 15 new products and services into the market.


Innovation and Internationalization funding opportunities for European SMEs | INVITE


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