The INVITE Project

Europe is a world-leading knowledge generator. Yet, a great deal of this knowledgeoften remains underexploited and does not make it to the market.This market failure, coined as the European Paradox over 20 years ago, still persistsand implies that many R&I investments do not turn into economic and societal benefits.

Open innovation has the potential to help address this persisting paradox. INVITE taps into this to address some well-known challenges of the European R&I landscape and co-design, pilot and demonstrate an innovative digital platform, the OI2LAB.

The OI2Lab will offer a series of demand-driven services to: 

  • STIMULATE & FACILITATE cross-border knowledge flowsand co-creation between EU innovation systems
  • TRAIN & EMPOWER businesses with the skills requiredto tap into Europe’s knowledge-base and turn it into value
  • CATALYSE & INCREASE private investments in open innovationprojects and collaborative innovation models

The Open Innovation Lab consists of:

Core OI services

A suite of digital tools

  • Smart Matchmaking: help SMEs understand and articulate their innovation or technology requirements (or offers) and to help them identify and screen potential collaboration partners
  • OI Management: help SMEs set up and manage cross-border collaborations
  • Links to Finance: help SMEs identify and secure sources of both public funding and private finance


  • Open Multi-Sided Marketplace: access to technology requests or offers as well as leading knowledge networks
  • E-Learning Environment: enabling learners to test their knowledge.
  • Online Collaboration Space: enabling participants to interact and collaborate with each other
  • Crowdfunding Tool: enabling users to pitch their collaborative innovation projects to potential investors

 INVITE in a nutshell

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